Digital Decaf’s Mission (in life)

Creativity drives us

What can clients expect from us? Creativity.

Digital Decaf is committed to finding creative solutions to issues confronting our clients. We have a can-do attitude and the expertise to get the project done right. Our clients can expect excellent project management, first-rate digital production and on-time deliverables at an affordable rate. 

We have a team of talented directors, DOP's, camera-operators and sound technicians plus a network (we prefer the use the word "family") of creatives and crew that can make your shoot seamless and enjoyable.

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When you strip away the layers, the drama and the budget. Every project is a creative exercise that simply needs perfect direction and delivery...
— Digital Decaf


Back in the day..

From our humble beginnings as pioneers in the field of digital photography, it became clear that we were more than a full service digital capture solution. By tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of our clients, and offering a distinct opportunity for them to save time and money we garnered much attention and additional responsibility. In addition to handling their capture and production needs, we started providing our clients digital cinema services and have since been valued for our creative solutions.

Film or Cinema?

This is from Steven Soderbugh speech on the State of Cinema in 2013. "First of all, is there a difference between cinema and movies? Yeah. The simplest way that I can describe it is that a movie is something you see, and cinema is something that’s made. It has nothing to do with the captured medium, it doesn’t have anything to do with the where the screen is, if it’s in your bedroom, your iPad—it doesn’t even really have to be a movie: it could be a commercial, it could be something on YouTube. Cinema is a specificity of vision, it’s an approach in which everything matters. It’s the polar opposite of generic or arbitrary and the result is as unique as a signature or a fingerprint. It isn’t made by a committee, and it isn’t made by a company, and it isn’t made by the audience. It means that if this filmmaker didn’t do it, it either wouldn’t exist at all, or it wouldn’t exist in anything like this form."

At digital decaf we can take your project however large or small, and make it Cinema.


Digital Decaf is the brainchild of Orlando Noa and Steve Boxall, two professional photographers. They have collaborated on many productions and have decided to bring that spirit of collaboration and customer service to the field of digital capture.

After experiencing many other digital capture companies they noticed something missing; the ability to break it down for the client so that is an effortless experience for the client and they can concentrate on what they do best, taking pictures. With Digital Decaf you are guaranteed a decaffeinated digital experience.

art is simply inevitable. It was on the wall of a cave in France 30,000 years ago, and it’s because we are a species that’s driven by narrative. Art is storytelling, and we need to tell stories to pass along ideas and information, and to try and make sense out of all this chaos.
— Steven Soderbergh

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