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At Digital Decaf we strive to be at the forefront of industry innovation and to work with the state of the art equipment and software advances. We constantly aim to exceed industry standards in both professionalism and “know-how” to set ourselves apart from the rest. This work ethic has been the foundation for our solid reputation in digital capture services.

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We took a look at the video and as it stands it’s perfect!
— Jessica Rodriguez - Editor, Cosmo for Latinas

Full service Digital Capture 


With Digital Decafs on set workflow our digital techs are looking at hundreds or thousands of images in a very short space of time for ten hours at a stretch. In three parts we are evaluating sharpness, color, balance, then making selects based on over the shoulder direction, and finally processing out image after image after image, all on set and in real time.

We fine tune this process to suit the needs of every client so that at the end of every shoot our staff provide you with peace of mind and a hard drive containing every callibrated, processed file shot thoughout the job.

After the shoot clients have access to our Latte system of online image selection. Where you can view and download Jpegs, make selections on a vitual lightbox for you team to share, all online from anywhere in the world.

Final Delivery may then be downloaded or fedexed at your request.

Post-production services are available, such as retouching and image archive .

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