Casting Rates & Booking Information

Casting budgets vary depending on the size of the casting and the amount of talent being cast. We try to cast a maximum of 75-80 people per day in order to allow enough time with each talent. It's important to remember, we do an electronic comp pull and hand pick the talent before the casting. Then we set up an efficient casting schedule to maximize on quantity of talent and allow for sufficient quality time with each talent and a smooth well run casting for both talent and clients. The team consist's of a Casting Director, Photographer and Digital Tech.

  • Pre-Casting Day - $750
  • Casting Day - $1600
  • Studio Fee - $600
  • Upload Fee - $400
  • DIT - $500

For an estimate please contact Digital Decaf for a detailed estimate.


We understand that casting budgets are tight and it's not always neccassary to have a casting on a large scale. To that end we also offer "web-gallery" casting services that are non-databased but are equally organized and sctructured as our large-scale castings. Images are uploaded as a web gallery same-day and can be performed in our studio or at a location of your choice. The team consist's of a Casting Director and a Photographer.


  • Pre-Casting Day - $750
  • Casting Day - $1250
  • Studio Fee - $600

Why do we shoot a maximum 75-80 people per day?

We are photographing, and interviewing people for your shoot in which you may have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars. So casting the right person is massively important and taking the right amount of time to familiarize yourself with each person being cast is critical to getting the most out of your options. We cast from 9am-6pm with a break for lunch (sorry we are only human) that gives us eight hours to find your perfect character. At 80 people per day that's one person every 6 minutes and even the most adept of speed-daters would agree that that's cutting it fine on time when meeting someone for the first time. 

We pre-cast so that only suitable people come to the casting shoot and the bottom line is that less is more on casting day.

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