Digital Decaf offers both stills and video castings from our studio in Mid-town Miami. 
We have been digital casting since 2004 and over that time we have perfected a system that we think is beyond compare.

Our online system is taylored to the wide-spread nature of preproduction. Making the decision process very simple for creative teams and account departments spread accross the globe. Our proprietary online system saves time, simplifies decision-making and allows for remote clients to feel like they are actually sitting on our casting couch. (pun intended)

If you have ever attended a casting you’ll know that casting-calls can be far from stress free. Whether you’ve been to one or not, I’m sure you can understand the challenges facing the “decaffeinated” casting company.

Well we’d like to invite you to join us on the casting couch (teehee) and check out how we do castings. You’ll see how we take the caffeine out of casting and in doing so make your entire pre-prodution process smooth….like budder!


As workflows are what we specialize in we’ve streamlined the casting process to make it as smooth and cost efficient as possible. Our team consist’s of a Casting Director, Photographer/Videographer and a Digital Tech/Editor

  • To begin we start with a very thorough pre-production where we do an electronic comp pull and hand pick the talent that we will be seeing on your behalf.
  • Next we set up an efficient casting schedule to maximize on quantity of talent and allow for sufficient quality time to spend going through our system.
  • We then ask the attending talent to sign in online from home to minimize on their waiting time. in fact many a talent have mentioned that this is the most efficient casting system they have seen.
  • Talent is photographed and/or videoed as soon as they arrive at the studio. The files are processed and uploaded immediatley for the creative team to view and evaluate making for an almost realtime casting experience. They can then make selects and create a virtual lightbox.

With our proprietery system clients at a remote location can now appreciate the talents personality. It truly is like being there.

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