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When you shoot we are right there next to you and crew at every step of the way. We are used to shooting in the toughest/strangest of shooting situations and frequently have to during our working week. From speed boats in large swell, sideways helicopters within feet of the ocean to remote islands and Miami Beach. Sand, salt and humidity don't stop us in the effort to make your shoot as decaffeinated as possible.


We batch process on shoot day as time permits. We make adjustments to exposure, curve and color settings for batch processing on set. During the day we'll process out "for position only jpegs" (FPO"S) of everything for upload to ourMacchiato server. Our high end packages offer multiple computers so on shoot day we can batch process high res. files also. If the shoot or batch processing extends past a normal 10 hour day, additional charges will apply.


Our preferred method of delivery is on Hard Drives that you may purchase from us. If you prefer to bring your own we would be happy to place your job on it. Some clients prefer to burn DVD's which we can do; but keep in mind this may take some time and overtime charges apply after 10 hrs. This is why we use the fastest computers on the market and suggest HDD delivery.


  • We go to every effort to make your shoot a creative process not a technical excercise.
  • We quickly process your files to within an inch of their lifes!
  • We have the files front and center ready for inpection by the end of your shoot.


We will do our best to accommodate your needs but in case of inclement weather, sandy or dusty environments it may not be possible to deploy all equipment to set. This decision will be at the discretion of our technicians, a laptop will be available for this purpose. Please inform us prior to the shoot if you'll be shooting in adverse conditions so that we may bring all the available provisions to protect our equipment from the elements.


Our equipment is brand new, well maintained and of superlative quality, however it is electronic equipment. In the interest of keeping costs under control, the base Arabica, Robusto and Darjeeling packages do not include a backup Mac Pro tower, back or extra camera body. We work very closely with the major rental houses to ensure backup availability, immediate replacement and trouble-shooting at all times. For shooting situations with tight schedules and isolated locations we recommend that you build room for redundancy into your budget.

Your Images, Our Gear, Tech, & Support

Hiring a capture company gives you and your clients the ability to trust
that your shoot is delivered on time and in-tact.

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